Log Cabin Reklam AB
Kontakta Oss!

Our classes differ in degree of difficulty. When it comes to contents and duration, they can be tailored for the group or occasion in question.

For the time being, the following subjects are covered:
  • Quilting Techniques for Beginners
  • Quick Production Methods
  • Compass Roses with Freezer Paper (our own technique)
  • Water Colors (our own technique)
  • Leaded Windows (our own technique)
  • Machine Appliqué (marked and invisible)
  • Bags and Purses (many different designs)
  • Boxes (rectangular or square)
  • Ornaments and Little Trinkets
  • Angels (Christmas ornaments)
  • Marbling on Fabrics
Contact us, and we’ll put together a class for your group (5 to 15 persons)!

If you’re not already a member of our national guild, Rikstäcket, we recommend you to become one! You can also join one of Rikstäcket’s local guilds. The Rikstäcket website www.rikstacket.com gives all the details and addresses – plus quite a lot of useful general information.


July 1 – August 8, Thursday–Sunday, 11.00 am–4.00 pm
Quilt Exhibition at Magasinet, Overjarva gard

Log Cabin Reklam AB, Box 1201, SE-164 28 Kista, Phone: +46 8 751 01 71. Fax: +46 8 751 42 30