Log Cabin Reklam AB
Kontakta Oss!

We are specializing in design and production of exhibition booths, but are also able to offer several related services:


Sales in the field (or over the phone) is one thing, sales at an exhibition is something completely different. That's why we offer our Stand Excellence Program, an in-house developed half-day session covering elementary booth behavior (including a legendary instruction video starring John Clease), a portion of questioning methodology, and a couple of basic role plays that will help avoiding the most common behavioural mistakes. Depending on the number of participants and other circumstances, the training can be extended or compressed in a number of ways.


Letting the crew stay at the “Luxary Hotel” and pay a fortune per person and night easily leads to a lodging cost that nearly runs up to the entire booth cost (and that wasn't the intention, right?) Try Accome Hotel Apartments or SGS instead!
They are Log Cabin's “stay smart” partners and offer clean rooms, comfortable beds, and excellent shower capacity – at definitely reasonable prices!


We'll also help you with everything else you need to have a successful booth experience:

  • Catalog, flyer and data sheet production.
  • Original illustrations.
  • Copywriting.
  • Technical translations (English into Swedish and vice versa).
  • Production of advertisements, articles and press releases.
  • RollUp display systems and pop-up walls.
  • Shuttle services and bus excursions.
  • Drop papers, banners, and poster printing.
  • Architectural models and display carpentry.
  • Spotlight and truss solutions.
  • Signs and computer-cut plastic foil decorations.
As you can see from the disciplines listed above, we can cover most promotional needs. Don’t hesitate to ask us if there's something you are wondering at –
30 years in the industry is a good background for ad hoc problem solving!

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