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Leading a hand-to-mouth existence while trying to put out a never-ending line of blazes is not a recommendable way of running marketing operations. An established plan for (at least) the next 12 months helps restraining sleepless nights and gallopping budgets!

30 years of experience from the B2B world, partly in executive sales positions, have lead to some useful insights into (an opinions about) sales promotion and the noble art of marketing communication.

This mass of knowledge and experience is something that we’ll gladly share with you and our other customers!

Wake a Marketing Director up in the middle of the night to announce a budget increase. The reptile brain reaction will most likely be “Let's buy some more advertising space!”

Often we try to compare reality to a toolbox, from which management picks the adjustable wrench and the hammer. As you surely know, the adjustable wrench is a fairly universal, but far from perfect, tool for fastening or loosening of bolted joints. And breaking something with a hammer may come easy to you, but in most cases there are other (and more subtle) problem-solving methods.

The idea of our strategic metaphor is to let you into using all the other fine tools in the box. Most enterprises suffer from limited marketing budgets, so rounding nut corners with a bulldog wrench (or hammering randomly) is kind of stupid if you think economy. Much of the reasoning boils down to finding an optimal mix, reaching maximal “bang for the buck” and focusing on media with acceptable hit rates!

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